Sure-Fire Tips For Finding A Reliable H.V.A.C Contractor

Good reliable heating, venting, and air conditioning contractor is responsible for proper installation, certified servicing, and product knowledge for all types of heating and air conditioning systems.  Heating and cooling systems play a critical role in the environment in your home or office. Efficiency, comfort, price, and reliability are all factors when considering a new furnace or air conditioner.  Here are 5 industry tips that will help you select the right H.V.A.C contractor to provide peace of mind when choosing your contractor.

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Selecting the right size equipment to have installed is by far one of the most important factors in having an efficient system to keep you comfortable for years to come.  Be sure your contractor does a proper evaluation of your home. A heat load calculation provides a detailed description of the proper sizing of the furnace and air conditioner.  A good contractor will perform a walk-through of your home and will ask questions about cold and hot spots, if your home may be too dry or humid, or if indoor air quality (filtration) is a concern.  Get bids from at least three contractors so you can compare equipment and prices.


Before you hire an HVAC contractor to service or install a furnace and/or air conditioner of any kind, ask if they offer a diagnostic before they perform any repairs.  A good HVAC contractor will provide upfront pricing before any repairs or installations begin.  Ask for previous custom referrals to consult about their experiences with a repair or installation.  Ask if the contractor will be pulling a permit for the replacement of equipment.


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While the costs of repairing or installing any heating and air conditioning system may vary greatly, the requirements of work the HVAC contractor provides should not.  The quality of the work provided and the experience of the installers will be a direct reflection of how the new furnace and air conditioner performs and the life expectancy you can expect out of your equipment.  A good contractor will provide warranty information and a checklist of services or start-up procedures on the new furnace or air conditioner.


Before signing a contract with your HVAC contractor, confirm the following. Be sure to verify proof of licensing with your city or state.  Request insurance certificates and make sure the contractor is current on all required insurances. Request certifications on the type of work provided.  Visit the contractor’s place of business. Last, but not least, check their ratings with your local Better Business Bureau.


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Many people make the simple mistake of thinking that a popular brand or business is the right company to hire only because they sell or service trusted product brands. Make a phone call to the local distributor of the product you like and ask about the HVAC contractor you are considering.  Find out how long they have been installing or servicing the brand you are interested in.

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